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moneybase PSD2 XS2A API overview

The Moneybase PSD2 XS2A v1 API is based on the Berlin Group NextGenPSD2 v1.3.4 and implements the mandatory core services.

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Account Information API (AIS)

This API is used to access account information for a user from a basic list of accounts, to account information (e.g. IBAN), balances and transactions. The level of access depends on previously obrained consent. The mechanism to obtain consent is also provided through this API.

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Payment Initiation API (PIS)

This API is used to make a payment from a user account. It supports creation of SEPA and SWIFT payments, authorisation update and status check.

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Confirmation of Available Funds API (PIIS/CAF)

This API is meant for 3rd party card issuers to check availability of funds at the ASPSP. Consent is not managed through API but by TPP pre-enrollment.

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Secure customer authentication (SCA)

Consent and payment creation both result in an implicit creation of an underlying authorisation resource, which is then validated according to the supported SCA methods.

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License from the regulator:

For access as a third party service provider (TPP) to moneybase accounts in Malta, you need a PSD2 TPP license from a national competent authority (NCA).

In Malta, the NCAs are the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and the Central Bank of Malta (CBM). If you require access to accounts in other countries, you need a license in that country as well.

Onboarding Process

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Request access to moneybase PSD2 XS2A APIs by using the form below. Our services team will contact you to discuss the details of your request.

2 Send Setup Form

You need to fill a technical setup form and send us other details required for connection.

3 Validate Details

We will validate the data provided.

4 Use the Sandbox

Our services team will provide you with details for sandbox access.

5 Go Live

Our services team will provide you with details for production access.

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