New Lower Rates & Fractional Shares!

written on March 6, 2021

We are delighted to announce new lower rates on several markets including lower pricing to accommodate smaller trades making the markets more accessible. Additionally, we have introduced fractional shares which means that you can now place orders by any exact value on over 4,300 US Stocks and ETFs. Fractional share fees start from just $0.50c and you can place orders of any amount. 

Apart from offering great rates, all our accounts benefit from no custody fees and direct market access.


US Markets (visit our website for full details) 

Trade Value Min 
Up to $ 500 
$ 500 – 1,000 
$ 1,000 – 2,000 
$ 2,000+ 
$ 0.50 
$ 1.00 
$ 4.99 
$ 9.99 / 0.1% 

EU Market Rates (All major markets) 

Trade Value Min 
Up to € 500 
€ 500 – 1,000 
€ 1,000 – 2,000 
€ 2,000+ 
€ 5.50 
€ 7.00 
€ 8.50 
€9.99 / 0.1% 

Markets include Frankfurt, Ireland, Milan, Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Lisbon, Athens and Malta 

London Stock Exchange Rates 

Trade Value Min 
Up to £ 500 
£ 500 – 1,000 
£ 1,000 – 2,000 
£ 2,000+ 
£ 5.50 
£ 7.00 
£ 8.50 
£ 9.99 / 0.1% 

Other exchanges with lower minimum fees 

Exchange Min 
Oslo - (OSE) NOK 60 
Australia - (ASX)  AUD 20 
Singapore - (SGX-ST) SGD 30 
Hong Kong - (HKEX) HKD 1300 

Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) 

We have continued to lower our MSE fees which now start from just €0.50c for trades for smaller orders in line with EU Market Rates. 

Legacy certificated trades continue to be supported however we are increasing the minimum fee from €13.50 to €15 and we encourage you to switch to Nominee for free to benefit from cheaper rates and instant execution. 


Managed funds have increased drastically in popularity amongst the investor community. Moneybase Invest has a vast selection of funds and we are practically able to add any global fund on request. We recently launched additional features via our new discovery section that help you choose funds from the fund universe globally. We are reducing the minimum fee on funds from €30 from €20. 

Trade Value Min 
Buy €20.00 / 0.45% on Buy 
Sell€20.00 Flat Fee

Investor Community Group 

Last month we launched the Moneybase Invest Investor Community Group on Facebook. The is an open community for investors to get together, discuss the markets and keep updated with the latest developments. The Group already has 1,800 members and we encourage you to join and to participate! 

As we continue to grow and approach our 50th Anniversary, remaining close to our clients and to listening to their needs remains key. This year we received ISO9001, a gold standard for customer care certification from Lloyds Lloyd's Register. 

We would like to thank you for your support which drives us to continue to improve. We have received overwhelming participation and feedback which has really helped us to continue to shape the product according to your needs. Our Moneybase Invest Trello Public roadmap and Moneybase Invest Insider Program are other initiatives that are testimony to this. 

Our imminent next steps which you can view on our public roadmap include the following: 

  • Moving the infrastructure to cloud for more stability and better performance 
  • Push notifications for dividends, stock splits and deposits 
  • Providing you with easier and faster ways to make deposits  
  • Providing you with advanced order types such as access to pre markets and trailing stop losses. 
  • FX and currency rates improvements 

Alan Cuschieri
Calamatta Cuschieri

Redefine the way you grow and manage your money today!

Life’s full of mysteries. Your money shouldn’t be one of them.

Redefine the way you grow and manage your money today!

Life’s full of mysteries. Your money shouldn’t be one of them.