New CCTrader platform unveiled

written on February 24, 2021

CCTrader was launched in 2011 as Malta’s first online trading platform when it also won e-commerce awards. An interview with Alan Cuschieri, co-CEO at Calamatta Cuschieri.

How has the platform evolved since then?

Back in 2011, we launched a solution that was unprecedented for Malta, a live trading platform that required no human intervention and provided customers with online access to 40 markets across bonds, funds, stocks and ETFs. This was a substantial milestone and a very feature-rich platform from the start. Today our perspective is global, apart from offering a desktop solution, mobile applications on IOS, Android and Apple Watch are also available. As one would expect, major functionality has been added to the product across the years, including the first live connection to the Malta Stock Exchange where clients can view the live order book and execute in real-time all shares and bonds listed in Malta at extremely competitive prices. Our CCTrader offering comes complete with customer support which is ISO9001 certified, the gold standard for customer service, and which is available seven days a week to ensure we are able to support our customers’ needs at all times.

What is new for 2021?

CCTrader has recently undergone a major redesign which was very well received by our users. Furthermore, in the coming weeks, we shall be completing our move to the cloud, yet another step that will allow us to add more reliability, redundancy and enhanced performance to our platform. Most noticeably, we are set to launch fractional share trading as early as next week, which can certainly be considered to be a game-changer. Plans are also currently underway to enable more advanced functionality, such as the facility to trade directly from charts, pre/post-market trading and advanced order types, just to mention a few. As you can see, there is a lot going on this year, but one of our most important missions is to involve the investor community as part of this exciting journey and for them to have a real say in moulding the platform to their preference. We launched our public roadmap where investors are encouraged to suggest new functionality, report any challenges and much more. We also launched an insider programme where customers who wish to get a preview of what’s coming can get a sneak peek before it is launched as well as provide their feedback towards the end product. Finally, we launched the CCTrader Investor community on Facebook where investors are provided with an opportunity to discuss freely their opinions on the markets, current affairs and gain access to exclusive content. Our message is that we are here to listen. In 2020 our investor community grew by 277 percent. The positive community feel around Calamatta Cuschieri speaks volumes about our positive customer service and is tremendously encouraging.

Why is fractional share trading a game-changer?

Enabling the trading of fractional shares is going to remove any remaining barriers to entry for early-stage investors. Wherever you look there is a huge interest in investing right now with the younger generation having completely embraced the investment phenomenon, such as stocks and ETFs. Their obvious starting point would be to invest in well-established and reputable companies and they would want to do that with small amounts. Previously, if you wanted to invest in Amazon, for example, you needed to invest over $3,000. With fractional share trading, it is now possible to invest with just $10 or $100, for instance, and costs are a fraction of what they used to be, starting from as little as $0.50c. What this means is that investing has now become accessible to all and risk can be managed better since it allows one to ease into the markets and to easily diversify. Our valued customers can, therefore, expect over 4,300 fractional stocks and ETFs to be immediately available on CCTrader at launch and we are just getting started. The opportunities are endless on how the product can be shaped.

Where is CCTrader heading in the future?

Over the last decade, our focus has been on growing the CCGroup across the various business lines we are present in, including of course our CCTrader. Thankfully, we have successfully achieved a healthy diversified business. CCTrader has become a core service for us which means that we will be accelerating further product development and expanding our reach across the European Union to benefit from the economies of scale required so as to continue to provide the innovation our customers expect of us. Our focus going forward is most definitely global, while always remaining close to our roots and keeping our customers’ best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

Redefine the way you grow and manage your money today!

Life’s full of mysteries. Your money shouldn’t be one of them.

Redefine the way you grow and manage your money today!

Life’s full of mysteries. Your money shouldn’t be one of them.