Our B2B Solutions

Moneybase Invest is a leading platform for trading Stocks, ETFs, Bonds and Funds on a wide variety of markets.

We believe that our success can only be built off long lasting professional relationships and partnerships. With this in mind, we offer a variety of offerings that offer full support, guidance and state-of-the-art technology, enabling both Moneybase Invest and our loyal partners to continuously grow and expand their market reach.

White Label Solutions

If you are looking to offer online trading to your clients, our white label solution offers unparalleled technology and customisation suited to your every need.

Moneybase is an award-winning platform that can be fully customised to suit your company’s needs, allowing you to offer a competitive offering within a very short time frame at a low cost.

Our white label offering allows you to take advantage of our full suite of trading platforms including responsive Web, Android and IOS platforms all branded with your company’s name, logo, colours and unique URL, as well as further customisation, such as customised reporting, configuration of on boarding, instrument availability and much more.

Our white label partners also receive a back office solution that includes a suite of tools and resources to fully manage the client accounts, on boarding and more.

Under this scenario you will be responsible for KYC and other regulatory requirements.

Who can benefit from the White Label offering?

To qualify for a full service white label solution you must be a Broker, a Bank, a Financial Institution or a Financial Services provider.

One of the main advantages of adopting a white label solution is that it allows our partners to scale easily and avoids the high cost of software development and maintenance, allowing you to concentrate on growing your customer base. We work closely with our B2B partners to support their business development plan, customisation requirements and goals, giving them the ability to control and manage their own private and secure trading system.


If you would like to customise the front end of your platform even further or trade algorithms we also offer API and FIX connectivity.

If you are a professional investor or a licensed offering, this solution is available to you.

Co-Branded Solution

If you are looking to offer your clients online trading but do not hold the necessary licence, or if you do not wish to be involved in the daily administrative duties of maintaining an online trading platform, Moneybase Invest’s co-branded solution allows you to offer a co-Branded solution that is fully customised to your needs, whilst allowing us to handle all client operations.

Implementing a Co-Branded solution will allow you to enter the trading marketplace with a state-of-the-art platform, tailored to your needs. We will implement your designs and requirements, whilst placing our logo in the solution and handling all client trading operations, as well as account opening procedures.

By maximising the use of a Co-Branded trading solution from Moneybase Invest you will be able to remain agile and implement a powerful, yet reliable, trading platform into your core business functionality. You will benefit from our expertise and in-depth knowledge of technical software, enabling you to offer an award winning platform to your client base.

Moneybase Invest’s Co-Branded trading solution is a cost effective and powerful tool to expand and build upon your client base.

Who can benefit from Moneybase Invest’s Co-Branded Solution?

If you are a Broker, a Bank, a Financial Institution or a Financial Services provider, you can benefit from Moneybase Invest’s Co-Branded Solution.

This solution is also available to non licenced entities, however all KYC and regulatory requirements are handled by Moneybase.

Investment Managers / Independent Financial Advisory

Moneybase Invest offers Investment Managers the opportunity to easily manage their portfolio of clients via a single platform.

Introducing Broker

Our experience and in-depth knowledge has enabled us to offer market leading technology to satisfy even the most experienced traders. Partnering with Moneybase Invest as a Business Introducer will not only assist your business in further growth, but will also allow you to be far more flexible and receive greater levels of repeat business.

We work closely with Introducing Broker partners and provide a competitive Business Introducer offering. Our solution allows Business Introducers to gain recurring revenues, whilst still offering the introduced clients with the same competitive rates available on Moneybase Invest.

Following the client on boarding, the entire client relationship with the client is handled by ourselves.

Who can benefit from Moneybase Invest’s Introducing Broker programme?

The Introducing broker programme is offered to any individual or corporate entity (subject to regulatory reporting in line with compliance regulations.)

For more information about our B2B offering contact us.

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