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(FSLY) Fastly Inc

Last updated:
April 13, 2022 at 11.09am

Company Overview:

An American cloud computing services provider, Fastly operates an edge cloud platform for processing, serving and securing its customers’ applications. A programmable platform designed for Web and application delivery, the edge cloud is a category of Infrastructure as a Service, enabling developers to build, secure and deliver digital experiences at the edge of the Internet and closer to users.   
In addition to its edge cloud platform, the company also provides edge software development kit (SDK), content delivery and image optimisation, video and streaming, cloud security, load balancing, as well as managed CDN. Serving customers operating in digital publishing, media and entertainment, technology, online retail, travel and hospitality and financial technology services industries, some of its customers include prominent companies like Vimeo, Pinterest, The New York Times and GitHub, while as of December 2019, Fastly’s edge network spans 68 points-of-presence worldwide.  

Company Details:

Joshua Bixby
Artur Bergman
Head Quarters:
San Francisco, California, United States
March 2011

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